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Rascal is a digital publishing startup that sits at the intersection of storytelling and technology. We are on a mission to create a more accessible reading and creative learning platform in the digital landscape of children's entertainment.

Every story accessible on Rascal has been crafted by passionate and creative individuals, pushing the boundaries of storytelling on mobile devices. We pride ourselves on creating a more enriched and engaging reading experience. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Our mission.

We understand that you might need 15 mins of time to yourself for coffee, to get a task done or just simply need a moment of peace!

Our mission is to create a more accessible reading platform that is guilt free for these moments. When it comes to selecting the next “screen-time” app to entertain your little one, you can feel comfortable knowing your children are exploring content that will continue to enrich their reading and imagination.

The Team

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Rascal is a small team of creatives, software engineers, educators and entertainers doing what we love to do! 

Rascal is always pushing the limits when it comes to the forefront of entertainment, technology and storytelling. We are continuously presented with new and exciting challenges  in this space. Rascal partners with a cohort of creatives that endeavour to explore the untapped potential of digital storytelling.

Kelsey O’Hagan CEO / Creative Director
David Sowry CTO
Zack McGrath Software Engineer
Mark Joyce Writer
Briana Heffernan  Project Manager
Elena Lee Illustrator

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